An End to a Silence by W.H. Clark

An End to a Silence

by W.H. Clark

An old man is murdered. His grandson vanished 25 years ago. Are the two cases linked? The detective who couldn’t find the boy has a last chance of redemption before he retires. With help from his replacement, a city-hardened Texan detective battling his own demons, can they finally break the silence?

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Category: Mystery – Series

If I Scream

by W.H. Clark

A dark, twisty mystery. When a malnourished woman is involved in a fatal car crash Ward’s attempts to identify her falter. Suspecting the woman to be the victim of an abduction, the detective races against time to try to uncover what happened to her. And then the brutal murders start.

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It’s Killing Jerry by Sharn Hutton

It’s Killing Jerry

by Sharn Hutton

Jeremy Adler’s an inspiration. For treachery, blackmail and murder.

When Jerry Adler disappears from his Vegas hotel room in a shower of broken furniture and mystery, the local press can’t get enough of his outrageous story, nor the OCD rookie, Detective Dinwiddy, who takes on the investigation as a personal mission.

Mysterious disappearance or premeditated murder?

Finding suspects isn’t hard – seems Jerry’s turned making enemies into an art form. Snagged in a web of indignant divorce, masochistic employment and eye-rolling family disappointment, Jerry’s given one too many people an axe to grind and, unhappily for him, they’ve all become dangerously sharp.

A thrilling, hilarious and frantic journey.

With a cast of endearingly off beat characters, It’s Killing Jerry spins a tale of jealousy, greed and shocking bad luck.

Life sucks, but being Jerry is murder.

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Category: Mystery – International Mystery & Crime

Toxic Tech by Sam Cheever

Toxic Tech

by Sam Cheever

For Blaise Runa, a job working the front desk at the local veterinary clinic is a fun but temporary diversion…a chance to spend every day with Miss Ivy, her adorable fur baby, while she continues to search for a career.

Unfortunately, the fun is soon sucked right out of the job when Blaise discovers one of the veterinary technicians poisoned in the kennel. The attack is quickly labeled the work of an activist group that resents the medical and financial resources “squandered” on pets.

But is there something less obvious…and possibly more sinister…at work?

Working alone and swimming against the tide of general opinion, Blaise soon suspects that she and her yummy fiancée, Dolfe Honeybun, might be fighting for more than justice for the vet tech. They might actually be battling to save a whole clinic full of beloved pets from someone who would be happy to see them dead. And if they’re not very careful, sweet little Miss Ivy might take her place at the top of a killer’s list.

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Category: Mystery – Private Investigators

Mayan Star by Howard Allan

Mayan Star

by Howard Allan

This much is true: In 1562 Diego de Landa burned all the Mayan codices and began a suppression of the Mayan religion that was brutal even by 16th century conquistador standards. What we don’t know is why.

Excavations at a recently discovered Mayan site near Valladolid in the Yucatan unearth a codex – the first to be discovered in over 50 years. A mangled body is found among the ruins. It belongs to Father Colvin McNeery, an expert on the Gospel of Matthew, the only Gospel to mention the Star of Bethlehem. The local police say he was killed by a jaguar.
The 1500 year old codex contains an account of a holy man, a savior who is born under a bright star to a virgin, performs miracles, dies a horrible death, and is resurrected. If McNeery’s translation of the codex is correct, then something is radically wrong with the conventional accounts of the European discovery of the Americas. Or – and this is the only other possibility – something is radically wrong with Christianity’s notion of itself.

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Category: Mystery – Historical

SANDMAN by Morgan Hannah MacDonald


by Morgan Hannah MacDonald


He collects women. Imprisons them. Plays with them. Tortures them. Then gathers souvenirs. His trophies are many.

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Category: Mystery – Hard-Boiled

Ollie Stratford Cozy Mysteries by N.C. Lewis

Ollie Stratford Cozy Mysteries

by N.C. Lewis

Grab this 5-Book Box Set from the popular Ollie Stratford cozy mystery series. Perfect for the reader who loves to laugh & solve a mystery. Only 99 pennies!

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Category: Mystery – Cozy