Death in the Louvre by Evan Hirst

Death in the Louvre

by Evan Hirst

A leisurely morning in the Louvre… What could possibly go wrong?

For Ava Sext, an amateur sleuth and transplanted Londoner who sells books from an outdoor stand in Paris that overlooks the Seine, a visit to the Louvre ends with the murder of an artist who leaves her a clue to his death before he dies.

With the help of her fellow book seller, Henri DeAth, a former notary in a country where notaries are a powerful caste, Ava investigates a group of artists and discovers a mythical painting someone is willing to kill for and that includes killing her!

Death in the Louvre is a light-hearted cozy mystery set in Paris where wine, crime, food and a book or two make life worth living.

It is a stand-alone cozy mystery in The Paris Booksellers Mystery series. Books can be read in any order.

A Little Paris Christmas Murder is a 90 minute holiday short read in the series.

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Hang Ten Australian Cozy Mystery Boxed Set: Books 1 – 3 by Stacey Alabaster

Hang Ten Australian Cozy Mystery Boxed Set: Books 1 – 3

by Stacey Alabaster

Two ex-friends. One dead body. The beach town of Eden Bay will never be the same again.

Claire is an up-and-coming movie exec who inherited her grandma’s book store in the quiet beach community of Eden Bay. Alyson is a surf-bum who embraces the small-town, beach lifestyle. When a surfer is killed, the two ex-best friends are pulled together to solve the murder. With one killer behind bars, two more soon follow. Can their rekindled friendship handle more murders or will it tear them, and Eden Bay, apart?

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Category: Mystery – Cozy

Sweet Murder by Tegan Maher


Sweet Murder

by Tegan Maher

What’s a witch to do when the meanest man in the county drops dead in his coleslaw during her shift at the local barbecue joint? Noelle does what any good Southern girl would do: she flicks a wrist to clean up the mess, then thanks the stars for doing the world a favor. She should have known nothing’s that easy.

A skydiving best friend and a bossy, living-impaired aunt become the least of her worries when the killer decides to bump up the plan by bumping her off. Can she figure it out in time to save all that she holds dear, or will Noelle be next on the list of folks who’ve turned up dead?

If you like laugh-out-loud southern wit, magic, and murder, you’ll fall in love with this witchy cozy mystery series!

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Senoia Cozy Mystery Boxed Set: Books 1 – 3 by Susan Harper

Senoia Cozy Mystery Boxed Set: Books 1 – 3

by Susan Harper

Felicity turned her back on her investigative journalism degree to start a business as a party planner. Little does she know that she will be putting her university training to use as Senoia’s newest super sleuth. Felicity will need to use all her skills to clear innocent friends, solve unsolvable cases, and protect herself from would-be killers.

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Category: Mystery – Cozy

Ivy Granger Psychic Detective Box Set by E.J. Stevens

Ivy Granger Psychic Detective Box Set

by E.J. Stevens

Enter an award-winning urban fantasy world where monsters roam the streets and things aren’t always what they seem.

Demons, ghosts, vampires, and necromancers—Ivy dodges the city’s deadliest villains while solving its darkest cases. Will she save the day or die trying?

Box set includes Ivy Granger Psychic Detective series Books 1-3 and Bonus Prequel story.

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In Too Deep by Fiona Quinn

In Too Deep

by Fiona Quinn

Enmeshed in a mystery that includes the FBI, the CIA, and a tangle of interconnected international crimes, Deep and Lacey work to discover who plays the good guy and who plays the bad guy in a gray world where right and wrong easily overlap.

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