Blackwaters by Robin Mahle


by Robin Mahle

Robin Mahle delivers another action-packed thriller in her electrifying series featuring the resilient Kate Reid.

Blackwaters – “A dark river that conceals what lies beneath its surface.”

The devastating blow suffered by the close-knit FBI team means the time has arrived for Kate Reid to come out of the shadow of her mentor and take the reins. A lead in the Blackwater investigation arises and Kate is the one who must follow it, but without Special Agent Nick Scarborough at her side. Turmoil within the FBI forces Nick to defend his actions and fight for his career.

Meanwhile, the bodies continue to turn up in the black water rivers of northern Florida, and jurisdictional lines are blurred when the FBI’s Atlanta office tries to take command.

While following up on her lead, Kate soon finds herself on the brink of an important breakthrough in the investigation—one that could bring her face to face with the Blackwater Killer. Without her team by her side, how will the rookie federal agent find a way out?

In this installment, Robin Mahle proves once again that Kate Reid is a woman who will stop at nothing to find the truth and the twists and turns will keep her readers clamoring for more.

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Category: Mystery – Police Procedurals

The Future Memoir of Ann Jones by Alex Bailey

The Future Memoir of Ann Jones

by Alex Bailey

When the perfectly-normal Ann Jones rants about a bizarre and hauntingly immersive vision into her own future, her best friend, Alex, thinks she may have lost it. After her freak encounter, Ann recounts the strange and foreboding glimpse of her future life—one that holds an unanticipated exuberance: her husband dies suddenly (and questionably); finds love again; joins a peculiar knitting club (full of the strangest assortment of women, none of whom actually knit, but follow cult-like rules). Should Alex support her friend’s “future life” or warn Ann’s husband about his impending doom…

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Category: Mystery – Cozy

Yesterday’s Lost by Sam Cheever

Yesterday’s Lost

by Sam Cheever

Pratt Davies is a police detective with the Saint Louis PD. He’s comfortable in his role…confident that he’s seen just about everything there is to see.

Until he answers a call to enter a home where blood-curdling screams speak of horrific violence.

Inside the disturbing house, he encounters a strange, icy mist and something malevolent waiting just beyond view. Pratt’s confidence is shaken, his worldview smashed into tiny pieces…like shards of glass from a broken mirror.

And Pratt still has a murder to solve.

Who killed the couple living in that terrible house? What haunted the mist obscuring the scene? And how is Pratt…broken and terrified himself…ever going to solve a murder that has every indication of having been born in the ether?

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Category: Mystery – Women Sleuths

Pineapple Lies by Amy Vansant

Pineapple Lies

by Amy Vansant

It’s bad enough finding a body in your back yard—especially when foul play is pretty much a certainty. But when you discover the bones are somebody’s long-missing mom, it’s tragic. And if that person is the hottest guy in town, you’ve just made the world’s worst first impression.

Charlotte Morgan’s got every reason to take an intensely personal interest, even if solving a murder’s a bit of a stretch for a 26-year-old amateur sleuth raised in a 55-plus Florida community–golf-cart racing’s usually about as exciting as it gets for her.

A Twisty Puzzler Complete with Dogs, Romance and a Backyard Body. Not to mention humor– in Vansant’s first Pineapple Port cozy mystery, quips get flung and puns get slung, making for a hilarious read, but even better, Pineapple Port’s just a place you want to hang out.

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Category: Mystery – Cozy

The Girl Behind the Secrets by Adiva Geffen

The Girl Behind the Secrets

by Adiva Geffen

Internationally best-selling suspense master Adiva Geffen in going to launch you on a whirlwind adventure with Israel’s mostly hotly pursued private detectives. And this time the good guys might not win.

After finding and securing Daria, a young runaway, Sami and Dikla are left slack-jawed upon discovering her dead body. Local police determine the case to be an open-and-shut suicide, but a far more sinister plot is about to be uncovered. Follow these never-say-die investigators down the rabbit-hole of heaven-sent cults and con-artists as they attempt to reveal the truth once and for all, while juggling raw, heated relationships and heart-pounding drama. Real-life, down-to-earth dialogue will put you in the front row seat of a story that will make the bath water go cold.

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Category: Mystery – International Mystery & Crime

Slash in the Pan by CeeCee James

Slash in the Pan

by CeeCee James

Georgie Tanner and her best friend, Kari have known each other their whole lives. Georgie was maid of honor at Kari and Joe’s wedding, so when Joe is accused of a horrific murder, Georgie is determined to learn the truth.

The details look bad- a body was found in the subdivision under construction where Joe is the general contractor. The body has Joe’s favorite knife sticking out of it. To make things worse, the dead man is Devon Walters, Joe’s professional rival.

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Category: Mystery – Cozy