72 Hours To Judgment

by Sochima Eze

Jelani “Hendrix” Obi is a former hotshot NYPD Detective, fired for doing his last job too well but not playing police politics well enough.

Life after the job isn’t all it’s cracked up to be and when an opportunity for reinstatement is dangled in front of him, Hendrix jumps at the chance to prove himself.

He just has seventy-two hours to solve the murder case.

But as he pulls on threads in search of the killer, he stumbles upon a powerful organization that has infiltrated and corrupted parts of the NYPD, maybe even further. When he’s nearly killed by a man that should be dead, he learns the organization may have found a way to cheat death.

And their methods are nothing short of sinister.

If Hendrix can’t figure out how to work on both sides of the law, nothing will stop the organization from sweeping through the city he loves…

And destroying the lives of its people he loves even more.

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Category: Mystery – African American