A Blush of Murder

by Summer Prescott

North meets South in a tangled web of murder and deceit.

Twin sisters Tessa and Hayley inherit a Victorian mansion in small-town Louisiana when a beloved aunt passes. The two are at odds about what to do with the once-grand, but now a bit decrepit, pink mansion.

Secrets, lies and sinister happenings become the center of Tessa’s universe, but she vows to let nothing stop her from getting to the bottom of the murder of the grandparents that she never knew.

Surrounded by suspicious characters, Tessa fears for her life, but finds help in the form of a handsome small-town cop, who isn’t above using his dimples to open doors.

Will Tessa unlock the secrets of her family’s past? Or will she be the next in line to die?

$0.99 Previously $4.99

Category: Mystery – Cozy