A Body on the Beach

by Blythe Baker

On quaint little Sunrise Island, the beaches are sunny, the ocean views are to die for… and the murder rate is climbing!

When Piper Lane’s career and her office romance both die fiery deaths on the same day, she packs up her worldly goods and her French Bulldog, Jasper, and leaves Houston behind, setting sail for safer harbors – the welcoming golden shores of Sunrise Island, to be exact.

But Piper, her pessimistic sister, Page, and her overly dramatic niece, Blaire, have no sooner rolled up their sleeves and taken over an old bed and breakfast on the island, than a dead body is discovered on the premises. Propelled into the middle of a dangerous murder investigation, Piper makes it her mission to shine the light of day on long-held secrets that some of the island’s inhabitants would rather keep buried. But the killer is only one step behind, and if Piper doesn’t think fast, the only thing she’ll be getting to the bottom of is a shallow grave!

$0.99 Previously $2.99

Category: Mystery – Cozy