A Camper and Criminals Cozy Mystery: All Ten Books : Box Sets Book 1

by Tonya Kappes

When Mae West finds herself penniless and with a rundown campground in the heart of the Daniel Boone National Park in her name, she’s on a mission to sell it…
… finding herself as the number one suspect in her ex-now dead-husband’s murder forces her and her new found friends to put on amateur sleuthing caps to find the real killer.

If you would’ve told me year ago that I was going to be broke and penniless after my husband took everyone to the cleaners after he pulled off one of the biggest Ponzi schemes, leaving me a run down campground, a set of camper keys, before he escaped prison and when the FBI came to the campground to see if I helped him escape, then the no good you know what floated up to the top of the lake in that campground making me the number one suspect, I’d said you were lying.

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Category: Mystery – Women Sleuths