A Killing Game

by Jeff Buick

A wealthy woman is missing – with no clues, no body, and no apparent motive.

The file goes up the ladder, straight to Curtis Westcott’s desk. The head of Boston Homicide and Aislinn Byrne, his go-to detective on tough cases, open an investigation and get to work. They discover that there are clues, so skillfully hidden that they were almost impossible to see.

As Westcott and his team peel back the layers they discover that Renee Charlesbois’ kidnapper is not only brilliant and methodical, he’s also on a schedule. His intent is to kill her – exactly when and how he has planned – and with the endgame looming, Westcott realizes they are in a race against time.

“Propulsive, gripping, and absolutely impossible to put down from the very first page.” Becky Baldridge – Reedsy Reviewer

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Category: Thrillers – Crime