A Kind of Woman

by Helen Burko

Jacob Barder, a successful New York attorney, returns to New York after surviving the Holocaust, with a new wife: Rachel, a beautiful Jewish survivor he fell in love with shortly after the war. One evening, in a Broadway theater, Rachel is attacked by a woman who accuses her of being Matilda Krause – a German SS officer who served at the Nazi concentration camps. An arrest and police investigation open the way to a sensational trial that will be written in the pages of history. With no one willing to protect a Nazi officer, Barder decides to defend his wife himself. Why would a Jewish survivor speak for a Nazi in the court of law? Barder is called to make an impossible case in the name of his beloved wife, and that of humanity altogether. The jury, the judge, and the readers will be astounded by what he has to say.

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Category: Thrillers – Legal