A Life for a Life

by Lynda McDaniel

Laurel Falls, N.C., 1985: I was done with being a crime reporter in Washington, D.C., tired of all the violence. So I packed up and moved to the small town of Laurel Falls. It looked like heaven to me—ancient mountains brimming with tall trees and songbirds, peace and quiet. Until I found the body.

The sheriff called it a suicide. No way. I’d spent my whole career searching for the truth, and I I knew he was wrong. Trouble was, without my usual sources, how much of a murder investigation could I pull off?

But a special kid lived next door. Abit Bradshaw, a teenager struggling to find his rightful place in the world. Hey, I knew all about that. I’d never fitted in either. I figured he just needed a chance too. And he got one when we teamed up to solve that crime.

Looking back, I should’ve known plans rarely pan out the way you think. ~Della Kincaid

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Category: Mystery – Cozy

The Roads to Damascus

by Lynda McDaniel

Laurel Falls, N.C. 1989: I couldn’t believe I was in trouble again. I’d finally got what I’d always wanted … then lost it.

It all started when this family—a mother and two almost-grown kids—came to my school to ask for shelter. The mother said she was dying, and they had nowhere else to go after they’d been evicted ‘cause she was too sick to work.

But that was all lies. They were just a bunch of mean-spirited, sorry con artists who stole our money and good intentions. When they fleeced the school and fled, they made it look like I did it. The director threw me outta school.

Trying to find them again took everything I had—and then some. Along the way, I plowed through those mountains, sometimes meeting fellow victims yearning for justice too, but mostly tangling with bad men trying to stop me. I faced more twists and turns than that road to Damascus, Virginia. ~Abit Bradshaw

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