A Little Drop of Venom

by L.C. McKenna

Camille Carmichael is a Viper – Beautiful, Cunning, and Venomous. To the outside world, she appears to have it all. A summer house in the Hamptons, a handsome husband, the perfect daughter, and a lavish lifestyle. Camille spends her days planning swanky parties and catching up on gossip at the local club, where only the elite are welcome. Meanwhile, the new nanny, Jo, takes care of her daughter Sadie. Camille has a reputation around town, and none of the women from the club dare cross her, in fear that they will be banished to the bottom of the food chain.
Upon closer inspection, one can start to see the cracks in the façade that Camille so carefully constructed. What starts as innocent flirtation, quickly takes a dark turn into deception, and a web of lies entangling her husband Asher.
To begin untangling the web, Camille must uncover Asher’s secrets. After some investigating, she lea

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Category: Thrillers – Psychological