A Mackenzie Witch: Collection 1

by Sonia Parin

Fun paranormal cozy mysteries. Tricked into accepting her heritage as a witch, Lexie is led straight to danger. Along the way, she is ‘chosen’ by a loyal feline companion, Luna. Her lack of experience as a cat owner puts her at odds with the Mackenzie Coven Rule #1 “Do not lose your cat” (especially if there is a killer on the loose with a fetish for stuffed cats). If her abysmal witch skills don’t get her killed, mentioning the name Macbeth inside a theater might just do the trick.

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Category: Mystery – Cozy

A Mackenzie Witch: Collection 2

by Sonia Parin

Fun paranormal cozy mysteries. Thanks to her cousins’ meddling, Lexie is solving mysteries, going into therapy and learning to work as a team with her chatty feline companion. By comparison, meeting a Monkey God seems to be a piece of cake. It could all end badly when the Coven issues her with a warning to pull up her socks or face their ire.

$0.99 Previously $6.99