A Minister in a Box

by Aaron Ben-Shahar

In an African county, a corrupt minister has stolen 2.3 Billion US Dollars and fled the country. A new president who has risen to power turns to a Mossad “fixer” – now retired and offers him 10 million dollars to have the former minister found and brought back, no matter what and how!

This “fixer” takes the job and puts together a team of three experts. They locate him in London and are now planning the best way to kidnap him without getting noticed. To do so, they decide to put the minister in a special box, storing him in the cargo of the plane and flying him back.

Though their plan is seemingly flawless, not everything goes according to plan. The clock ticks and when the problems begin to pile up, the pressure on the special team begins increase. With the authorities on their tail, they will do everything to escape unscathed.

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Category: Thrillers – Crime