A Party to Murder

by Joy Patrick

Solving murder mysteries has become old hat for former D.C. urbanite-turned-amateur sleuth Lilly Livingston. But please, not at her inn’s first big event of the summer!

Having settled into small-town life in Drifter’s Cove, FL, Lilly is thrilled that her recently inherited inn is now on the map! With Magnolia Manor fully renovated and sold out for the Memorial Day weekend celebration, she is eagerly welcoming guests, fluffing pillows, and finalizing the menu.

As ex-boyfriend Eric reluctantly mans the front desk, the motley crew of guests checks in—a persnickety chef, a local drifter, an arrogant tech giant, and a famous musician, for starters. Not to mention Lilly’s studly handyman Quigley and her wacky mom Marissa with a new beau in tow.

But as the posh party ensues, personalities clash, tempers flare, and a guest ends up dead. Local law enforcement considers everyone a suspect, including Lilly herself!

Murder at Magnolia Manor. Again.

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Category: Mystery – Cozy