A Presley Thurman Cozy Mystery Boxed Set: Books 1-5

by Laina Turner

This box set features books 1-5 of the Presley Thurman Cozy Mystery series, as well as a BONUS cozy mystery!

Meet Presley Thurman, sometimes amateur sleuth and full-time fashionista, coffee addict and wine lover. When murder and mayhem follow Presley almost anywhere she goes, she is determined to find out the truth and solve the crime.

What do readers say about Presley Thurman?

“This is a great start to a new series that pushed me right into the next book!
Plenty of mystery with twists and turns to keep you swiping the pages of your Kindle. Plenty of laugh-out-loud moments, reminding me of the style and humor of other authors like Janet Evanovich, Lois Greiman and Gemma Halliday!

The ending is a complete surprise and I love how nothing in this book leaves you hanging!
To wrap this review up without any spoilers: This book is completely entertaining, attention-grabbing from the getgo, moves along at a good pace with fun characters and a well-written mystery!”

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