A Richer Dust Concealed

by R P Nathan

A gripping historical mystery thriller you won’t be able to put down! This is a tale that spans four centuries. The fabulous Cross of Saint Peter and Paul is buried in Cyprus in 1570, to hide it from the invading Ottoman Turks. An Italian squire named Girolamo Polidoro witnesses the secret hiding place of the treasure and leaves a diary in Venice, the end of which is a coded message of the cross’s location. An English code-breaker finds the diary in 1915 but dies in Gallipoli before he can crack the secret. And all the while the sinister Venetian Council of Ten has also been searching for the cross… When a young back-packer, John, buys a book in Rome in 1992, he has no idea of the danger he has just put himself and his friends into. A treasure hunt begins, but will the Council of Ten allow it to continue? Readers say: “A pleasure”, “Riveting”, “Gripping” with “Compelling characters.”

$0.99 Previously $2.99

Category: Mystery – Historical