A Scandal at Crystalline

by Roslyn Reid

A Scandal at Crystalline is a darkly funny mystery novel with tinges of erotica. (But nothing which would shock your cool mother—in other words, things get a little steamy.)

Chandler Hammond, the richest guy in his Maine town, vanishes. His wife claims he took off with his girlfriend. His sister thinks his wife knocked him off and hires detective James Early to investigate. He enlists the help of his teenage son Tikkitin and his psychic neighbor who reads tarot cards. But even a fortune-teller never imagined how this case unraveled their lives by leading to a Ponzi scheme, two beautiful women who were sleeping with each other (and with Hammond), a runaway kid in a mountain cabin . . . and a horrific conclusion involving raku pottery.

Did Hammond’s wife kill him, or did his girlfriend? Did he commit suicide? Is he even dead? No one knows . . .

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Category: Mystery – African American