A Shot of Murder (A Charley Hall Mystery, book 1)

by Brenda Gayle

She’s a reporter with a nose for trouble. But when the story is murder, will she end up above the fold or buried in the back?

1948, Ontario, Canada: Charley Hall knows she’s a better reporter than any man in the newsroom. Frustrated to be demoted to the women’s pages so her job on the city beat can be given to a returning soldier, she refocuses her energy into locating her brother who disappeared after his latest bender. She’s horrified when her search leads to the woman last seen with him, found dead with a bullet in her neck.

Driven to catch the killer and clear her brother’s name, Charley encounters a mysterious cop from out of town who’s showing an intense interest in the case. But as she uncovers the victim’s murky past, tracking down the shooter could land the gritty journalist in the obituaries.

Can this plucky dame prove her investigative skills and live to tell the tale?

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Category: Mystery – Women Sleuths

Rigged for Murder (A Charley Hall Mystery, book 2)

by Brenda Gayle

When Charley Hall’s childhood friend, Dan Cannon, is found standing over the badly beaten body of his old rowing team nemesis, she hires former Toronto police detective-turned private eye, Mark Spadina, to help her prove Dan’s innocence. While he accepts the job, Mark isn’t convinced the police haven’t already got the right man.

Diving into unchartered waters, Charley finds out the dead man was her father’s best friend and rowing partner. So why did Dan hate him so much?

When the boat her parents had been sailing the day they drowned twenty-five years before mysteriously reappears, the past threatens to sink Charley in a tidal wave of questions. She has to find out the truth. Were her parents’ deaths really an accident? And what is the connection to Dan?

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