A Smuggler’s Last Song

by Ellis Summers

Music is Emma Grant’s world. Smuggling, blackmail, and murder are her family’s.

Emma has a deep love of music and has reached international acclaim for her sound engineering. In a deal arranged by her grandfather, Richard, she could inherit the 100-year-old recording studio owned by her family if she spends a small amount of time helping him in his private business.

Emma quickly agrees to Richard’s future plans, but five years later when the debit comes due, her priorities have changed. With her life dedicated to her music passion, she has little interest in joining Richard’s secret criminal empire – even for several months.

Given her dedication to work and juggling her relationship with her handsome rock star boyfriend, Emma ignores her grandfather’s demands.

Emma’s impulsive, naïve decision pushes Richard to deploy his plan of threatening her loved ones. With no means to escape, Emma gives in, joining the infamous syndicate run by her grandfather – an organization all about jewel smuggling and murder. Emma is thrust into a world filled with dangerous associates and life-threatening situations.

What follows is a suspenseful tale that will take you through the darkness of the criminal world. With unexpected twists and turns that keep you guessing until the last page,

Can Emma bring Richard to justice and break free from his hold on her and her loved ones?

With murder, mystery, family conflicts, and betrayal, this book has everything you can ask for. Plus, a little humor and romance.

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Category: Suspense