A Ticking Bomb

by Izhar David

September 2000. A violent conflict between Israel and the Palestinians breaks out, opening 4 years of bloody combat.
Alon is caught between two different worlds.
In the world visible to the public eye, he is a decorated director with the Israel Security Agency, where he deals with the prevention of terror attacks, recruiting and handling spies and targeted assassinations.
In his other, secret world, out of the view of family and colleagues, Alon suffers from PTSD. He lives in gloom among the victims of operations he directed and attacks he found impossible to foil.
The snowball rolls on, sweeping Alon in its path, as he struggles to stop an unprecedented wave of suicide bombers while becoming a ticking bomb himself.
After receiving the news of his upcoming appointment to a senior position within the organization, he goes up to the balcony on the seventh floor and considers committing suicideā€¦

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Category: Thrillers – Terrorism