A Twisted Riposte

by Alyn Troy

A town of wonky magic. A fencer stabbed by her own blade. Can Twizzie untangle the twisted mystery?

St. Maurice is not your normal Southern California town. The faerock vein in St. Mo marks the local fae in uncomfortable ways. Twizzie’s mismatched wings and bum leg are the least of her worries when a showing becomes deadly.

Not to mention that someone is attempting to buy up leases for the town’s beloved amusement pier, where Twizzie lives. This could wipe out Twizzie’s home.

And her rule that she not date her clients is tested with the arrival of a cute vampire. Can she unravel the twists in the mystery, unmask a killer, and still sell the house to St. Maurice’s newest undead resident so he’s no longer her client?

If you love fun fae characters, twisted mysteries, and snarky humor, you’ll love Alyn Troy’s newest series. Get your copy of book 1 today.

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Category: Mystery – Cozy