A Vintage To Die For

by JM Harvey

After the most grueling harvest in Violet Vineyard’s twenty-year history, Claire de Montagne is looking forward to her first ever Crush Party. The weather is perfect, the food is fantastic, and the wine is superb. The guests are a mixed bag of thirty old friends, two dozen neighbors, ten business associates…
And one murderer.

No one except Claire is surprised when wine auctioneer Dimitri Pappos is found floating face-down in one of Violet’s wine fermentation tanks. Though Dimitri had arrived in Napa only a year before his death, he had quickly managed to create an army of enemies. And every one of them seemed to have shown up at Claire’s party.

By the time Napa County Sheriff Hunter Drake has questioned the partygoers, the suspect list is almost as long as the guest list, but when Samson Xenos, Claire’s crusty old winemaker and resident curmudgeon, is arrested for the crime, she finds herself thrust into the middle of another murder investigation. An investigation that threatens not only Samson’s freedom, but also Claire’s relationship with Hunter.
As the killer begins to eliminate every potential witness, Claire races to identify him and stumbles across a chilling, long buried secret that puts her own life in jeopardy.

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Category: Mystery – Women Sleuths