Adios Angel

by Mark Reps

Sheriff Zeb Hanks has his hands full when sociopath Jimmie Joe Walker, recently released from an Arizona state prison, masterminds a devious plan to make himself filthy rich. His plan involves Ángel Gómez, a down-on-his-luck half Mescalero Apache/half Mexican. Ángel’s alcoholism and far-fetched dreams make him an unwitting dupe in Jimmie Joe’s plans which end up endangering Ángel’s own life as well as the lives of those he loves. Set in and around the mining towns of Safford and Morenci, Arizona and near the San Carlos Apache Reservation, this Sheriff Zeb Hanks tale takes the reader on quite a ride. ADIÓS ÁNGEL reveals the complexities and contradictions that are part of life’s gritty nature. It is a story of evil, alcoholism, love and betrayal. Be sure to read all of the books in the Zeb Hanks mystery series!

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Category: Mystery – Series