African Slaver

by Steve Braker

The fire is gruesome as the village burns to the ground. The abducted innocent schoolgirls are en route to Somalia as child brides for the Al-Shabab militia.

Brody has a gash on his head, three bruised ribs, and he’s madder than hell!

As the pirate ship rounds the headland and enters the ocean, all he can do is stand helplessly on the beach and watch. But there is a fire burning in his gut. He will do whatever it takes to stop the pirate captain from selling these young girls into slavery.

Brody races to put together a rag-tag crew consisting of an old man, a drunk, and a young boy. He has no equipment. Only his wits to survive on, and a two-hundred-mile dash across a rough lawless ocean.

The pirates have a full day’s head start, it’s going to be a close call.

Can he win this desperate race against time to save the girls?

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Category: Thrillers – Terrorism

African Treasure

by Steve Braker

Brody stands alone against the might of a merciless, blood-baying gang of Muslim radicals.

A ruthless Sheikh wants to take the idyllic tropical island and turn it into his own personal Sharia Law fiefdom.

The islanders are not strong enough to fight back and face a life of servitude.

Only Brody is standing in the way of the cruel religious zealots and their leader. He has a target on his back. A mad rush against the odds.

Brody must find a treasure that has been lost, in the ocean, for over a hundred years, since the reign of Sultan Said bin Sayyed of Oman and Zanzibar.

The Sheikh wants Brody dead and to use the hoard to expand his empire. With bullets flying, Brody must use all his special forces experience to try to achieve what seems to be impossible for a mere mortal.

Can he succeed when the odds are stacked against him?

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