After You’re Gone

by Avery Lane

Her name was Talia.

Gigi missed dancing with her. Yara wanted to borrow that designer dress. Dimitri wanted to know when he’d see her again.

And she knew none of this because Nori was receiving all her messages.

Nori’s new phone number once belonged to a woman with a life much more exciting than her own. Almost immediately, she finds herself obsessed with the glamorous way in which Talia lived. But when Nori begins receiving her more urgent messages regarding missed prescriptions and late rent, it becomes clear that Talia abandoned her life without warning a soul.

Driven by a curiosity she can’t shake, Nori finds herself using Talia’s text messages like a map as she goes out in search for clues of where she may have gone. But as Nori becomes increasingly immersed in Talia’s job, friends, and romances, she finds their once separate lives too intertwined to untangle.

And when Nori begins to see Talia may not have left on her own volition, she realizes her own life may now be in danger.

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Category: Thrillers – Psychological