by Duane Rasey

What if you found out that Covid 19 was a manmade disease created to thin the herd? It didn’t just happen, they made it happen?
In 2016, I authored the book “The Flaw.” It went on to chronicle mass shootings and a raging uncontrollable epidemic that would consume the planet.
This follow-up book “Aftershock, the COVID Effect,” looks at how a manmade virus affects the world’s population. It is a fictional representation of the Covid pandemic, told through the eyes of the protagonist, Dr. Olivia Walters.
Olivia is not impressed with the fact that her boyfriend warned those in charge of what this virus could do to the world but was ignored. As she reads through his research notes, she soon realizes the extent of the virus’ different variants. Though vaccination is said to be working, Olivia knows the truth—it will only work for one strain, not the next.
Many die from the virus, but are those who survive safe? There are more mass shootings than the world has ever seen. And would you know it, this is related to what Olivia soon discovers is “survivor symptoms.” One of these symptoms, severe mental psychosis, appeared out of nowhere. It is creating out-of-control, ravenous human beings hell-bent on violence.
Covid survivors’ reasoning is heavily affected by the virus, leaving them unable to distinguish between right and wrong.
As Covid ravishes the world’s population, both humans and mammals, killing off millions across the globe from the US to India to Africa, governments must come together to find a solution. But can they focus on what is important and stop the rapid thinning of the herd? Do they even want to stop the virus in its tracks?
People are looking for answers as the violence escalates and more people die and animal behavior changes. And Dr. Walters is conflicted as to whether she should help find a solution or make them all pay for the death of her boyfriend—he warned them and they refused to listen to. How will it all end?
Welcome to “Aftershock, the COVID Effect.”

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Category: Suspense