Aja Minor: Gifted or Cursed

by Chris Bliersbach

Aja has disturbing powers. She feels cursed, but the FBI thinks otherwise. Will she stop a serial rapist and killer or become his next victim?
Aja’s life has been one misfortune after another. She was dropped at birth, scarring her face. Her father left when she was 7 years old. Now, as a teenager, not only does she have to contend with puberty, but certain people experience pain or become sick in her presence. Desperate to find answers to her distressing effect on people, she finds them in a most unlikely place, the FBI Academy.
Aja Minor: Gifted or Cursed is the first book in a psychic crime thriller series. Pitting a coming-of-age girl with an extraordinary gift and indomitable spirit against some of the most depraved criminals imaginable.

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Category: Thrillers – Crime