Alchemy & Alibis

by Sophia Gale

Welcome to Avaleas Falls…

Garnet Le Fay — last in a long line of famous witches — was born without a spell to her name. And she’s beginning to think that opening a non-magical charm shop in the heart of the most magical town in the Western hemisphere was a mistake.

But before she can save her shop, two witches are brutally poisoned — one of whom is Garnet’s aunt.

Garnet has to work against the clock to protect her family and catch a killer, with the help of her kitchen witch BFF, a snarky cat familiar, and an ex who refuses to stop making her heart feel fluttery.

Can she discover the killer before the black magic that’s hiding in the shadows of her cozy town makes her the next victim?

$0.99 Previously $3.99

Category: Mystery – Cozy