Alice Rackham: Obsession, Death and a British Film Star

by F.R. Jameson

A stunning actress, a Knight of the Realm and a crooked policeman. Theirs was a romance that was always going to end in tragedy.

It was no exaggeration to say that Thomas had never met a woman quite like Alice Rackham.

Breathtakingly beautiful and incredibly glamorous; she was already a famous actress and – to him – an older woman. Furthermore, she was adventurous and uninhibited in a way that other girls in 1950’s London weren’t.

But he wasn’t the only man smitten with her. Her ex-lover skulked around ceaselessly outside her home, and he kept a bullying former detective on retainer. A giant of a man with the ability to make their lives hell.

With Thomas feeling desperate and worried, Alice suggests a trip out to the country. An idyllic break to the wondrous and grand, Carreras Hall. A place where their love could fully bloom.

But their problems are not only going to follow them out there, they’re about to turn deadly.

A new thriller of passion, jealousy and suspense from F.R. Jameson.

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