by Rob Kaufman

When Frank Devlin walks into Justin Wright’s office, the renowned Manhattan psychiatrist takes on one of the most challenging cases of his career.
After their first session, it’s obvious Frank has multiple personalities (“alters”). Justin must get to know each alter so he can help Frank live a full and happy life. He must also delve into Frank’s past, one filled with mystery, darkness and trauma.
As Justin deals with Frank’s issues, he’s also confronted with his own: the kidnapping of his youngest son, Michael … his wife Mandy who refuses to accept her son is gone, and the struggle with his oldest son, Dylan. Unbeknownst to Justin, Frank and his alters are weaving themselves into his life in ways that will affect the Wright family forever.
“Altered” brings readers down a twisted path of uncertainty and mind games ­— leaving them shocked, heartbroken and wondering what’s next.

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Category: Thrillers – Psychological