American Conspiracy

by M.J. Polelle

The millennial president-elect has been assassinated. Det. Jim Murphy of the Chicago PD gets the blame for a moment of charitable distraction. His shame deepens as his rivalrous brother, who cannot resist rubbing it in, is sent from the Justice Department to investigate. To restore his reputation, Murphy volunteers to investigate the mysterious disappearance of city gangbangers. As he untangles the shocking mystery, Murphy is led to the doorstop of an aging and ailing Sebastian Senex, Senex is a Big Pharma tycoon desperate to cheat dementia and death with grisly experiments off the books. The deepening investigation discovers a political conspiracy with Senex pulling the strings of the web to oust a provisional president he hates and spring a coup over an America in crisis in order to bring back the glory days of America’s past. Murphy and his brother realize they need each other to confront the underground sedition ready to burst forth and take over the country. The old generation must give way to the new. But how far will one man go to hang onto life and grasp power over a country’s future . . . and how far will another go to stop him? The fate of the United States is at stake.

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Category: Thrillers – Political