An Early Death

by Helen Golden

BREAKING NEWS Mystery Woman Was in the Earl of Rossex’s Car When It Crashed
Reports are coming in that an unidentified woman was in the car with James Wilshire (24), the Earl of Rossex, when it crashed in Fenshire late on Tuesday evening and killed him. She died from her injuries later in hospital. The police have not named the woman, but sources at Francis Court, where the earl lived with his wife Lady Beatrice (21), claim the dead woman was the wife of a member of staff.
The impertinence of the man! Who does this Detective Sergeant Richard Fitzwilliam think he is, asking personal questions about the state of her marriage and insinuating that James was having an affair with the estate manager’s wife? Of course he wasn’t! She knew her husband, and he wouldn’t do that to her. But why have the police put out an appeal to find two cars seen near the accident site? And what is the secret her husband was keeping from her? Maybe she didn’t know him as well as she thought after all…

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