An End to a Silence

by W.H. Clark

Summer. Montana, 1985. When seven-year-old Ryan Novak suddenly disappears from his home in a small rural town, Detective Newton picks up the case. Convinced that the boy’s grandfather – school janitor and former woodsman Bill O’Donnell – knows what happened to the boy, Newton’s growing obsession with his only suspect begins to take its toll.

Winter. Montana, 2010. Twenty-five years later and, in the final days of Newton’s tarnished career, Bill O’Donnell is found murdered. Newton’s successor, a city-toughened young Texan detective named Ward, is the lead investigator. As Newton readies himself for retirement, Ward draws him back into the mystery he couldn’t solve. Can they find the old man’s killer and finally uncover the truth about what really happened to Ryan?

The silence is about to be shattered.

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Category: Mystery – Collections & Anthologies