An Inheritance to Die For

by Joy Patrick

Solving crimes at a crusty old Florida inn was NOT in Lilly’s 5 yr plan.

But when she discovers she is the executor of a forgotten stepfather’s will and is gifted Magnolia Manor, things get a little off track.

Lilly heads south to finalize the estate, planning to quickly return to her busy life in D.C. But the quaint, sleepy town has a strange appeal. Locals wave to you on the street. What a difference from the frenetic pace and backstabbing politics of her normal life.

But no sooner than finding the estate lawyer’s office, the laid-back vibe starts to evaporate.

An evasive legal assistant and surly Chief of Police try to shuffle her out of town. Estate files come up missing. The lawyer is surprised anyone would want to stay here…after what happened.

The town coroner reports her stepfather died of natural causes, but Lilly is not convinced. Poking around, she starts to suspect murder.

Lilly now realizes the Magnolia Manor of her fond childhood memories may be a crime scene. And that sticking your nose into small town secrets comes with a price.

This inn should’ve come with a danger sign: enter at your own risk.

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Category: Mystery – Cozy

A Dead Ringer

by Joy Patrick

A murder at the grand opening of her newly inherited inn wasn’t exactly the kickoff Lilly was hoping for.

As Lilly welcomed her first customers, she became fast friends with hotel guest Vanessa. Sharing the same fatherless childhood – and looking so similar they could pass for twins – Lilly was distraught when Vanessa went missing and a local retiree, Reds, pulled up an unidentified body in his fishing net.

Making matters worse, Lilly’s arrogant ex, Eric, then showed up to win her back, annoyed that Lilly has cozied up to small town life in Drifter’s Cove – and her manly repairman Quigley.

As the local and marina police battled over the crimes’ jurisdiction, confusion ensued, Reds was (unjustly?) arrested, and the inn’s initial warm fuzzies fizzled.

Lilly found herself knee deep in another murder. And this one felt personal.

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