by John Oehler

Bizarre murders are cropping up everywhere. This mystery will plunge you in the cutthroat world of fragrances, their creation and forgery, and the psychology of scent.

Eric Foster, a student at the world’s top perfume school, creates a scent that is an aphrodisiac of astonishing potency, the holy grail of the perfumer’s art. But when his creation is tied to an outbreak of passion-driven homicides, Eric – a gentle soul who rescued a 3-legged bloodhound – becomes the NYPD’s prime suspect, facing a charge of serial murder.

With growing panic, Eric enlists help from forensic chemist, Tanya, and together they venture to Yemen and France, into the realms of organized crime, third world interrogation, and the dark underbelly of the fragrance industry.

Eric’s only advantage is his extraordinary sense of smell and that of his adopted bloodhound, Daisy.

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Category: Mystery – International Mystery & Crime