Aquarius: Murders of the Zodiac

by Paris Morgan

When Leslie is promoted, she wasn’t prepared for her first case to be a serial killer.

Leslie Boxe has been looking forward to this promotion after years of being a Dallas beat cop. The first case file that is dropped on her lap is the worst serial murder case the city has seen in decades. At her wits end she’s forced to consult with rival police department in Fort Worth.

From first sight Leslie realizes Detective Ryan Foxe is nothing like she expected. For the good of the case they team up to solve the case at hand but a psychic’s dire warning make the sparks between them ignite even as more bodies are found.

The closer Leslie comes to solving the case, the more she realizes she doesn’t know who to trust. Her hot new partner or the psychic’s premonition? Lives are on the line and it’s a race against time when the killer leaves her a note that changes everything.

The next bodies in the morgue could be theirs…

Paris Morgan writes a gripping psychological thriller that will have you racing towards the last page only to realize nothing is as it seems. Aquarius is the first book in the Murders of the Zodiac series where each book dishes up a spine-tingling murder mystery.

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Category: Thrillers – Psychological

Pisces: Murders of the Zodiac

by Paris Morgan

Leslie believed the “Birthday Killer” to be dead, but a mysterious note hints that he’s not done just yet…

The haunting message left on her desk reveals that whoever sent it is obsessed with Leslie and her partner, Ryan. But Ryan is out of town and with fear building that there is still a madman on the loose, Leslie needs to convince him to join forces once again.

After a series of unexplainable suicides, Detective Jesse Burns is at his wits end. Are these deaths part of a suicide cult, or an internet challenge gone horribly wrong? When he feels he’s being watched, he knows he’s missing something.

When Ryan receives a cryptic call from Jesse before he’s hurt, Ryan has no choice but to join the search for the elusive killer. Jessie is in a coma and once again it’s up to Ryan and Leslie to find the killer before more bloody birthday surprises arrive.

$0.99 Previously $3.99