Arson at the Art Gallery

by Grace York

Widow Addison Lake moves to the quiet town of Getaway Bay, hoping to turn a beach house into a bed and breakfast. Her plans are derailed after her cousin’s art gallery catches fire—and a body is found. Can Addison clear her cousin’s name and catch the real culprit?

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Category: Mystery – Cozy

The Body in the Beach House

by Grace York

Running a writer’s retreat is Addison’s new retirement plan.

Until one of the writers ends up dead.

After deciding a bed and breakfast full of demanding guests is too much work, Addison Lake turns her newly refurbished home in Getaway Bay into a boarding house for struggling writers and artists. She has a full house in no time, and quickly comes to regard her young boarders as family. But her newfound happiness doesn’t last.

There’s a body in the beach house.

Is one of her creative guests responsible?

As Addison and Detective Wilcox investigate, the mystery becomes more baffling. Was it suicide, or murder? If it was murder, how did the killer get out of the locked room?

And with all her house guests on the suspect list, who can Addison trust?

$0.99 Previously $2.99