Assassin on Main Street

by Richard Scott

What if your neighbor’s son or daughter has been persuaded to join ISIS? Worse, what if the son or daughter of a friend has gone over to the terrorist group? When retired CIA operative Tony Dantry is contacted by old friend Quentin Ramos for a favor, it leads to something much bigger and far more threatening than Tony ever imagined. Ramos suspects that his son, a clean-cut extremely likable college student, has been communicating with ISIS terrorists. Because of Dantry’s CIA experience and law enforcement connections, Ramos thinks Tony can look into the situation more discreetly than he as a parent could. Ramos didn’t want to snoop into the personal life of his son, but things had gotten so serious that something had to be done before it was too late to save his son. Dantry agrees to help and finds himself inextricably drawn into something that all of us read about in the news every day, but don’t believe could happen to us. (Originally released as Closer Than You think)

$0.99 Previously $3.99

Category: Thrillers – Terrorism