August in Pompeii

by Nick Aaron

In AD 79 Mount Vesuvius literally blew its top above Pompeii, destroying the town and thousands of its inhabitants. But what on earth were Desiderata, our blind ‘seeker of justice’, her deaf husband Simplex, and uncle Balbus doing there that summer, a true case of being in the wrong place at the wrong time? It’s a complicated story, but as it happened, they had not one, but three equally compelling reasons to visit Campania and pursue their investigations in this small, provincial, but nevertheless fashionable town. Little did they know what surprises awaited them. Not only did they have to face their arch-enemy in a blood-curdling showdown, but they had to confront the horrors of a natural disaster of unprecedented proportions. Both events would take them to the brink of their instincts for survival, and ultimately turn some of their assumptions upside down.

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Category: Mystery – Historical