Avenger of Blood


How do you go from poster child of All-American-Girl-Next-Door to Calculating-Killer-on-a-Murderous-Rampage? Try discovering a houseful of your family’s bloody corpses.

Anna Croix’s life was perfect, until suddenly it wasn’t.

Amazing family? Check. Doting FiancĂ©? Check. The career she’s always wanted? Almost check. And then there was nothing …

Nothing but a gaping hole longing to be filled. Question is, does she fill it with peace and acceptance or bitterness and a burning drive for revenge?

The latter, of course. Because it’s not every day your entire family gets slaughtered.

But first, she needs to know why … and by whom.

Then there’s the issue of finding them and what to do once she has.

Will she really be able to commit murder?

Most definitely.

Not a problem.

Her problem is knowing when to stop.

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Category: Thrillers – Psychological

The Orphan


A stalker. A drug dealer. A sex trafficker.
Gumby and Napoleon.
What do all these things have in common? They just made it to the top of Anna’s list.

Anna is impulsive, not suicidal. Most days. So what would possess her to traipse across the country in hopes of infiltrating the cartel?

Maybe it’s been too long since she’s chased someone down. Or maybe it’s this ho-hum career Spike has saddled or with.

Or maybe it’s something else entirely …

Either way, her list of douche-mongers continues to grow, and they will be paid a visit.

Every. Single. One.

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