Bad To The Bone (Casey Jones Mystery Series Book 4)

by Katy Munger

The kind of villain you love to hate can really make a mystery, but every once in awhile you get something even better– one who steals the show. For sheer hate appeal, bad-to-the-bone Tawny Bledsoe’s right up there with Nurse Ratched and Hannibal Lector. You just want to leap onto the page and take her out before private investigator Casey Jones does.
And you know you’re going have to be fast— because Tawny’s made it personal by posing as a battered wife and hiring Casey to find her kidnapped daughter. Casey finds the kid all right, but when she’s tricked into participating in a frame-up engineered by none other than wily, poisonous Tawny, she’s understandably as mad as Captain Ahab after meeting a certain marine mammal. And she only gets madder when Tawny stiffs her on her fee.

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Category: Mystery – Women Sleuths