Bangkok Shadows

by Stephen Shaiken

SYNOPSIS (Bangkok Shadows by Stephen Shaiken)
Glenn Murray Cohen was unhappy as a criminal defense lawyer, caught in a web of bills, stress and a failed marriage. When a client is killed in a drive-by shooting, Glenn seizes his fee and a briefcase holding a half million dollars cash.
For seven years, Glenn enjoyed life as a wealthy expat before everything changes and he is pulled into a maelstrom of intrigue and danger when pressured to help American agents kidnap a Russian gangster. Glenn recruits three friends from the Club : Sleepy Joe, revealed as a former member of the Australian Special Forces, the gregarious and cynical Oliver, an Australian purveyor of information, and oafish Rhode Island Joe.
Glenn struggles in his changing world and must adapt to this dangerous environment. He draws upon his skills as a criminal lawyer, which he thought he had abandoned.

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Category: Suspense