Bathwater Blues

by Abe Moss

When life feels like more than you can handle, a near-death experience might be just the thing to put things back in perspective…

Addie O’Dell isn’t sure what to make of her life. She works a dead-end job, lives at home with her spiteful mother, and her singular joy–an empty joke of a relationship, also going nowhere–is much less a joy anymore as it is a distraction. To top it all off, after one particularly harrowing night, when it feels as though things can’t get any worse, Addie realizes she’s being watched. Followed.

Someone has taken an interest in her tangled life, and nothing can prepare her for the plans they have…

In a strange room, she awakens to the sounds of screams nearby. The door is locked, and no one answers when she calls. All she finds is a single envelope on the desk beside her bed. Adelaide, it reads. Inside lies a dangerous letter. A dangerous promise. It’s a danger as old as evil, and far more alluring. Irresistible. Because no matter the cost, when there’s hope on the table… it’s only human to reach for it.

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Category: Suspense