by Eve Rabi

When Arena escapes Tom, her abusive husband, she finds love in the arms of a wonderful soul called Bear Shaw, a cop who is loving, generous, adores both her kids and Arena, well, she finally has her happily ever after.
When Arena’s SUV is stolen with her sleeping toddler in it, she immediate points at abusive Tom – he had promised to make her pay for leaving him. This is his attempt at revenge, no one can tell her otherwise – it is Tom behind the theft!
To her surprise, the police point at Bear. They inform her that Bear cannot be found. Worse, according to the cops, Bear Shaw does not exist! Arena’s whole world begins to tilt. Who does she believe? Who does she trust?
Payback is a gripping, fast-paced tale of good people being pushed into doing very bad things. People who take charge when Karma is late. When Karma won’t do it’s job.
An entertaining and emotional crime and suspense thriller about revenge, retribution and the kind of love that can make you kill.
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Category: Thrillers – Psychological