Beautiful, Frightening, and Silent

by Jennifer Anne Gordon

Beautiful, Frightening, and Silent tells the story of three broken souls trying to come to terms with their painful pasts. Adam, a high school English teacher with a traumatic past, is struggling to find solace in alcohol after tragic death of his wife and son when he learns about the notorious Dagger Island, a place presumed to carry the sinister power of ghost-whispering. Trying to find closure, Adam decides to go to the island and lands at a crumbling old boarding house, a place haunted by the ghost of a mysterious woman. The boarding house is run by 82-year old recluse Anthony who is grappling with his own trauma and guilt. Haunted by their past memories, the trio try to come to terms with their very existence. The emotionally powered, indulgent narrative moves at a quick pace, and the tension between the three protagonists fuels the intrigue.

$0.99 Previously $2.99

Category: Thrillers – Psychological