Because of Her

by Chrystal Murphy

Emily Lewis is ready for a big change in her life.
She has moved to a new city, started a new business, bought a new house, and changed her appearance. But what is she trying to escape? Perhaps a dark past?
Victoria Berman is coming home.
She’s coming home from a failure, from an embarrassment and shame that she doesn’t want to share with her family, and is looking for solace in her long-time confidant, her brother Hudson. But is this shameful secret the ONLY thing that Victoria is hiding?
Everything for Emily is going well, until she meets, and eventually falls for Hudson, which puts her and Victoria on a collision course. Victoria’s jealousy, suspicion, and anger cause Emily betrayal and heartache and force her to take matters into her own hands.
They battle as each of their truths are revealed and, in the end, who will live happily ever after, and whose lives will be ruined.

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Category: Thrillers – Psychological