Behind Yesterday

by Richard D. Taylor

Thomas Watson, a 1998 history professor, mysteriously appears during the Battle of Britain. Churchill, losing the struggle, is pressured to surrender. Knowing the war’s outcome, can Thomas convince him to persevere and win the war without revealing his unique situation?

Upon his curious arrival in London, Thomas finds he is married to Margaret, a woman he doesn’t know but learns to love. Although unaware of his previous life, he’s aware of the historical events unfolding. In their quest to influence Churchill to persevere and save the free world, Thomas and Margaret race down a path of danger, espionage, love, and intrigue.

A cast of fascinating characters finds their lives intertwined, eventually converging at the unexpected and exciting conclusion to one of the most important events of the twentieth century.

You’ll love this story because you think you know the ending.

But you don’t.

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Category: Mystery – Historical