Berry The Dead

by Nancy McGovern

Note: This series is a sequel to A Murder In Milburn but you do not have to have read the original series to enjoy it!

Busy planning for her 55th birthday celebration, Nora is thankful for the wonderful friends & family with whom she has been blessed. She’s also grateful for how long it’s been since finding herself knee-deep in a murder scene. For years, her days have been filled with delicious baking & fantastic times with loved ones. Life is good!

Then her housekeeper is found dead, poisoned by berries…

To make things worse, the new sheriff seems determined to brush her death off and move on. But Nora knows it wasn’t an accident. And, if she wants to see the killer brought to justice, she also knows it’s time for her to spring into action.

Join Nora as she jumps headlong back into the murder game in this 1st book of her new series! This time she’s older, wiser and in more danger than ever!

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Category: Mystery – Cozy