Betrayal Bend

by Andrea M. Long

Sometimes a good life is not enough…

Shay Adler and her husband, Cam, run the Brew Love Coffee Company on Liar’s Island. A gorgeous couple with sunshine smiles and a perfect marriage.

But behind Shay’s smile lies unrest. She loves the husband she met in high school, but sometimes she feels trapped. Trapped by the island, trapped by her marriage and providing stability to her younger sister, and trapped by the whole ‘good’ ethos that underpins their company.

The tourists provide a distraction. They come, stay a short while, and leave again, and that leaves Shay with opportunities. Ones where she can not be such a good girl.

But on Liar’s Island you can trust no one… so Shay’s betrayal might not stay secret for long.

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Category: Suspense