Better To Give Than Deceive: Grifter Trilogy – Book 1

by Kobrinica Press

After a successful heist, three grifters keep a low profile and stay off the beaten path on their way to their next job. But when Frank, the leader of this small criminal enterprise is unexpectedly arrested and jailed, his partners Jared and Chance are left to fend for themselves in the middle of nowhere, with no money, and no idea how to go about finding the $2.4 million score they suspect was stolen by the arresting officer. Recovering the money is complicated, and with an unpredictable cop on the take, a double-cross in the works, and a hitman dispatched to recover the money, time is a luxury the trio of grifters cannot afford to waste by trying to figure out who’s double crossing whom if they hope to have any chance of recovering the money and staying alive.

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Category: Crime Fiction