by R C Ducantlin

The plan create a pandemic: A designer drug to cure the flu and six billion people. Fighting is easy when the alternative is extermination.

Curing The Flu Had Side Effects: Metaphysical Power. Who Controls The New Humans And Their Evil Plan?

Hope For Humankind Fell On Me. Heaven Help Us.

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Category: Thrillers – Conspiracies


by R C Ducantlin

The strike team, my team, is the group chartered with fixing the Vivian problem. It is a basic human truth, people are preferential to being powerful. What do you do with a product that can save lives but has the side effect of granting new super powers to a select few?

Corb Levi Johnson was trying to graduate High School, chasing girls, drinking Shiner beer, and toting bales. Now, his new powers come with new responsibilities.

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